Active Shooters on the Rise

Active Shooters on the Rise

Active shooter and active violent intruder events have become a hot topic over the last decade. In fact, we have seen a 19% increase in mass shootings in the last year alone. Businesses have by far the most occurrences with 61.5% of all incidents. Schools come in second with 15.4%, with the rest being split between churches, hospitals, and governments buildings. As these events become more and more common, it is important for administrators to protect themselves and their facilities against these events. 

StrongGlass security films and panels play an important role in limiting a shooter’s access to your facility, both inside and out. Film on exterior panes help keep a shooter out of the facility, while film on interior panes can help provide safe areas to take cover from a shooter that is in the facility. Our products provide law enforcement and first responders with the valuable time they need to arrive on site and save lives. 

When it comes to cost effective and non-invasive security measures that are proven to save lives, nothing comes close to security film and ballistic paneling.

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